Welcome to Redwood Shores

Welcome to Redwood Shores

Located east of Belmont and San Carlos, the 1,500-acre master-planned community of Redwood Shores lies in between Foster City and Redwood City. Occupying an area formerly known as Redwood Peninsula, the history of this picturesque region dates back centuries ago to its inhabitation by the Ohlone Indians. Today, Redwood Shores has evolved into the headquarters of world-famous industry leaders like software giant Oracle and entertainment software company Electronic Arts. This idyllic community is also home to many other businesses, including the Sofitel Hotel and branches of Ernst & Young and DHL.

From 1795 until the middle of the nineteenth century, present-day Redwood Shores formed part of Rancho de las Pulgas, a 69,000-acre estate belonging to the Arguello family. The estate was broken up and sold off around the mid-1800s, and the acreage endured several different owners throughout the next few decades. Around the 1870s, businesses had begun to gain interest in the region, especially the Morgan Oyster Company, who began to import and transplant oysters into the bay waters that bordered the area. By the late 1800s, Senator George Hearst and a San Francisco jeweler each owned nearly half of the shores, but the land changed hands again in the early 1900s, when a three-person partnership bought most of present-day Redwood Shores, and a smaller portion was purchased by the Mobil Oil Company.

Then, in the early 1920s, the San Francisco Bay Terminal Company purchased all of the former Redwood Peninsula in order to transform the deep waters of the bay into a ship wharf. This project failed and the land was instead attained for use as a salt brine evaporation zone by the Leslie Salt Company, under which the area became known as Redwood Shores. Decades later, the Leslie Salt Company offered to annex Redwood Shores to Redwood City and, in 1959, the city accepted.

Shortly thereafter, a design for a master-planned residential and business community within Redwood Shores was submitted to Redwood City. In 1964, the Redwood City Council authorized construction plans for this development, which included an aquatic amusement park named Marine World, and the expansion continued into the 1980s. Eventually, Marine World resituated outside of Redwood Shores, and its former site was converted into a commercial development boasting two high-rise buildings. Oracle Corporation became the first tenant of this complex, and later obtained the entire development for use as the company’s campus.
Over the past twenty or so years, Redwood Shores residents have witnessed incredible developments within their community. New commercial buildings have been erected, the Marketplace Shopping Center was developed, two brand-new elementary schools were opened, and the community now enjoys a private sports club and a library.

Residents appreciate the serenity of their setting, as well as its abundance of jogging trails and the beautiful, 76-acre Redwood Shores Lagoon. Although this master-planned community provides several townhome, condominium, and apartment complexes, Redwood Shores is mainly populated with single-family residences, many of which are waterfront real estate and homes for sale that include private boat docks. The tranquil surroundings and rich, abundant offerings of this scenic locale give Redwood Shores a unique appeal that very few other communities enjoy.


2016 Redwood Shores Sales (YTD)

Median Price: $1,700,000   

Average Days on Market:19

Total Sales: 42

Average Price per Sq. ft.: $863

Highest MLS Sale: $2,875,000

Lowest MLS Sale: $1,020,000

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