Welcome to Redwood City

Welcome to Redwood City

Redwood City is the oldest incorporated city in San Mateo County. Located approximately 27 miles (43 km) south of San Francisco and 24 miles (39 km) north of San Jose, Redwood City’s history spans from its earliest inhabitation by the ancient Ohlone Indians to the present-day home of over 76,000 residents. This area constitutes a diverse, well-developed city that is home to several unique neighborhoods and several different companies, both large and small. In 1776, Spanish Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza and his troops took an exploratory trip into what is now known as the Peninsula and became the first Europeans to pass through Redwood City. As time progressed, more Spanish colonists arrived, establishing farming outposts and large cattle ranches throughout the area. The Spanish government even granted local property to high-ranking military officers.

One of these military officers was Don Jose Dario Arguello. Don Jose was granted 69,000 acres in the form of an estate he called Rancho de las Pulgas, which included present-day Redwood City, Belmont, San Carlos, Menlo Park, and Woodside. When Mexico was granted independence from Spain, the Mexican government reaffirmed these 69,000 acres to Don Jose’s son, Don Luis Arguello, in 1822.

After the Mexican–American War, Spanish-Mexican property owners were forced to defend their titles of land before the United States Land Commission. The Arguello family hired an attorney, Simon Montserrate Mezes, who succeeded in defending the family, and was thus compensated with some land belonging to the Arguello estate. Comprising present-day downtown Redwood City, the new town was christened Mezesville by Mezes, but was eventually renamed Redwood City as a salute to the area’s abundance of stately redwood trees.

Redwood City real estate market developed very rapidly, mainly due to the deep, ship-bearing waters of the city’s local port. In the mid-1800s, business boomed, the population increased, and Redwood City was selected to become the county seat for newly developed San Mateo County. The arrival of the railroad in 1863 continued to fuel businesses and, as a result, land values increased significantly. Many citizens petitioned for the city to incorporate and, on March 27, 1868, the State of California approved Redwood City as the first incorporated city in San Mateo County.

Decades later, the United States and German governments conducted a climatological survey prior to World War I. The survey named Redwood City as part of a three-way tie with the Canary Islands and North Africa’s Mediterranean Coast for the title of the world’s best climate. In acknowledgement of this recognition, the western arch on Broadway bears the slogan “Climate Best By Government Test.”

Today, almost a century after the city received this honor, Redwood City has established itself as the bearer of a different sort of fame. It is now recognized as the home of several major companies, such as Ampex Data Systems Corporation, BigBand Networks, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Oracle, Shutterfly, and Evernote.


2016 Redwood City Sales (YTD)

Median Price: $1,400,000   

Average Days on Market: 23

Total Sales: 434

Average Price per Sq. ft.: $861

Highest MLS Sale: $5,575,000

Lowest MLS Sale: $345,000

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