Company Culture

Company Culture

Work Hard - Play Hard! The DeLeon Realty team is always striving to push the limits on our service to customers and creating teamwork is part of that goal! Here's a peek behind the curtain to better understand our company culture and why its important!

DeLeon Cruise & Amazing Race 2014

Jul 19

Start up culture has its perks!! We had a great teambuilding experience!


Deleon Halloween 2014

Oct 31

Costume fun at DeLeon Realty - everyone (almost) got into the spirit!

Squaw Valley 2014

Dec 03

Start up culture has it's perks!! We had a great teambuilding experience!


DeLeon Mexico Cruise

Jan 20

A year of hard work made DeLeon the #1 team in real estate for 2014. Thanks to our amazing and generous Founder, Ken DeLeon, we celebrated by taking a week long cruise with the company and our significant others.